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  • Tyent Hi-Elite Series HI-979 Turbo Water Ionizer
  • Tyent Hi-Elite Series HI-979 Turbo Water Ionizer easy front load dual filtration
  • Dual Filtration System
  • Tyent Hi-Elite Series HI-979 Easy to use interface
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Tyent Hi-Elite Series HI-979 Turbo Water Ionizer


Product Description


The Tyent Hi-Elite Series HI-979 Turbo Water Ionizer is a 7 medical grade titanium plate Ionizer and is the upgrade of the popular Tyent MMP 7070 Turbo Ionizer. The new Hi-Elite Series HI-979 features a stunning upgraded and intuitive design with stainless steel front casing and improved performance compared the original MMP Turbo series.   The Tyent Hi-Elite Series HI-979 features an easy to use digital display and control panel and the filters are now easily changed from the front. The Tyent Hi-Elite Series Water Ionizers are the counter top versions of the world’s best-selling under sink water ionizers;  the Tyent UCE Series.  The Hi-Elite Series also feature market leading multi-language support and can be configured in English, German, Spanish, Italian, & French!

The Tyent Hi-Elite Series HI-979 is arguably the best value 7 plate water ionizer on the market. WaterIonizers.co.uk is the UK’s largest Water Ionizer Retailer and Official UK Retailer & Agents for Tyent Rettin Water Ionizers.

Key Features of the Tyent Hi-Elite Series HI-979 Water Ionizer

  • 7 Platinum coated medical grade titanium electrodes plates
  • Full digital operation and control
  • Stunning premium  design with stainless steel front casing
  • Voice output available in English, German , Spanish, French and Italian
  • Touch screen interface with 7 colours to distinguish between pH Levels
  • Can achieve a pH range of 2.4 up to 11
  • Automated Self Cleaning Process
  • TURBO function – The Turbo function of the HI Elite Series allows the Ionizer to produce super strong-acidic water which is an excellent natural sterilizing & disinfecting agent, the the HI-979 can produce strong acidic water of 2.4pH to 3 pH
  • Energy Efficient: The new Tyent Hi-Elite Series are extremely energy efficient using a max of 150W ensuring extended electrode life 
  • Dual filtration system with active carbon/EM ceramic and UF membrane filter
  • Display and guide for filter change cycle
  • Easy Load Filters – easily change the filters from the front of the Ionizer
  • Solid robust design
  • 2 years domestic warranty
  • CE-compliant and ISO 9001:2008


Dual Water Filtration


The Tyent Hi-Elite Series HI-979 Turbo is a dual filtration water ionizer and uses a double Membrane 0.01 Micron Active Carbon /EM Ceramics Filter combined with a 10 Stage Ultrafilter (UF) Membrane Filter .

The primary double Membrane Active Carbon/ EM Ceramics Filter is highly refined (0.01 micron) and is NSF-42 approved and removes heavy metals, asbestos, bacteria, pesticides and pharmaceutical residues without filtering important minerals such as calcium or magnesium. Active carbon also removes undesired odorous or flavouring substances and neutralizes chlorine which is often added by the waterworks as a disinfectant.

The secondary filter used in the Tyent Hi-Elite Series HI-979 is the UF Membrane filter.  The 10 step Ultra-Filtration membrane features tiny micro-pores of 0.01um which the water is forced through, the pores of the UF membranes are so tiny that bacteria and viruses are unable to pass through. This filter also removes any remnant chlorine and organic/inorganic compounds using the activation - absorption method generating perfectly clean water for consumption.

Why Choose Tyent Rettin

Tyent Rettin are regarded as one of the world leading Water Ionizer manufacturers. Tyent Water Ionizers are exceptionally well made and robust and are known for their reliability and performance. Tyent have always been leaders in design, the stunning stainless steel casing of the Tyent Hi-Elite Series HI-979 ensures it looks great in every kitchen. Tyent has been a world leader in water ionizers for over 25 years.

Product Specifications

  • Electrode type: 7 Platinum coated titanium electrodes
  • pH settings: 4 alkaline levels (incl. Turbo),  3 acidic levels (incl. Turbo), 1 neutral level
  • Electrode cleaning: Automated cleaning cycle
  • Flow rate: Average 2 litre / min.
  • 2 filter-system: active-carbon / EM ceramics filter and UF membrane filter
  • Filter Life: Average 3600 litre / or 9 months
  • Weight: 7.2 kg
  • Measurements (WxDxH):  360 x 132 x 393 mm
  • Operating Water Pressure: 1 - 5 bar






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