H2 Molecular Hydrogen Revolution


Molecular Hydrogen or H2 is a remarkable antioxidant, it has taken the science world by storm over the past number of years, it has the capacity to reduce pain and inflammation, improve our energy levels, increase cognitive function, and improve our exercise performance and recovery.  Molecular Hydrogen or H2 is the lightest and simplest element appearing on the Periodic Table of Elements consisting of just one electron and one proton, because of its tiny size, it is able to permeate at a sub-cellular level selectively targeting and neutralising harmful free radicals in our cells while also helping our body produce more antioxidants. Molecular Hydrogen is safe as there is no upper limit of use, it is colourless, odourless, non-metallic, non-toxic and tasteless, you can drink as much H2 infused water as you like!

Water Ionizers are excellent at producing H2, drinking water infused with H2 is the healthiest and effective way to deliver its powerful benefits to our bodies.

Molecular Hydrogen Research

The body of scientific and medical evidence regarding the health benefits of Molecular Hydrogen or H2 has increased considerably in recent years. Over 600 peer-reviewed articles have been published on the impact of H2 on humans, animals, and individual cells. Research has revealed that H2 regulates over 200 biomolecules and appears to provide benefit in 166 health conditions and disease models, affecting virtually every organ in the human body. H2 operates on human metabolism in three primary areas:

•    H2 rapidly and easily converts free radicals (hydroxyl OH-) to water (H2 + 2 OH – > 2 H2O);
•    H2 maintains antioxidant homeostasis. In other words, the body’s own antioxidants are leveraged and maintained; and
•    H2 supports cell signalling, cell metabolism, and gene expression. This impacts inflammation, obesity, and aging mechanisms.

H2 is not foreign to the body like a pharmaceutical drug. Your body produces small amounts of H2 gas from the bacteria in your digestive tract as it digests vegetable fibres, which diffuse into the bloodstream. Research shows that delivering H2 in higher concentrations than your body can produce is much more effective. In fact, drinking water infused with H2 was used in most of the studies and is the most effective way to deliver its powerful benefits.

H2 science is moving quickly beyond theory to practical applications. H2 Water Ionizers and generators allow medical professionals and consumers to leverage the health benefits of H2.

“The effects have been reported in essentially all organs covering 31 disease categories that can be subdivided into 166 disease models, human diseases, treatment-associated pathologies, and pathophysiological conditions of plants with a predominance of oxidative stress-mediated diseases and inflammatory diseases.”
Medical Gas Research 2015; 5:12