What Can Alkaline Water Be Used For?

By now you know how beneficial ionized alkaline water is for your overall health. It hydrates your body at cellular levels and gives you more energy. It boosts your immune system to fight off diseases like the common cold. It detoxifies the body and can help you rid your body of the acidic environment promoting free-radicals and oxidation. Uses of ionized alkaline water can go way beyond that if you set your water ionizer to strong alkaline water.

COOKING (Ionizer Setting: Highest Alkaline Water)

1. Cooking Rice – Soak your rice or other grains in alkaline water for 30 minutes to an hour before cooking. It improves the taste and helps make it fluffier.  
2. Coffee and Tea – Eliminates bitter taste when made with alkaline water. Extracts more flavor, so you can use less coffee or tea.  
3. Washing Produce – Wash your fruits and vegetables with the strongest alkaline water to maintain freshness and remove any oil-based coatings which may contain pesticide residues.  
4. Cooking Vegetables – Cook your vegetables in alkaline water to enhance flavor and eliminate bitterness as well as bringing out the natural color. Alkaline water helps retain vitamin and mineral content that is normally lost in the cooking process.  
5. Soups and Stews – Make your soups and stews with alkaline water to improve flavor extraction and alkalizing properties.  
6. Smoothies – Use alkaline water to make your green smoothies to improve flavor and alkalinity.  
7. Seafood – Prepare and cook seafood with alkaline water to remove the fi shy odor and taste.  
8. Tenderize Meats – Soak meats in alkaline water 30 minutes before cooking to tenderize and improve taste.  
9. Ice Cubes – Make ice cubes with strong alkaline water to improve the flavor and pH of any beverage.

CLEANING (Ionizer Setting: Highest Alkaline Water)

1. Laundry – Use strong alkaline water to pre-treat laundry stains, especially oil-based stains.  
2. Carpet Cleaning – Use strong alkaline water to remove spots and stains on carpets, especially pet stains. Clean your carpets with strong alkaline water in the water tank.  
3. Kitchen – Use to cut greasy residue on stoves, counter tops, cutting boards, dishes, etc.  
4. Bathroom – Strong alkaline water helps remove stubborn toilet bowl stains.

AROUND THE HOUSE (Ionizer Setting: Lowest Alkaline Water)

1. Fabric Freshener – Mix alkaline water with essential oils and keep in a small spray bottle to freshen fabrics, upholstered furniture, etc.  
2. Plant Care – Water alkaline-loving plants.  
3. Fresh Flowers – Fill your vases with alkaline water to extend the life of most fresh cut flowers.  
4. Dental Hygiene – Rinse with alkaline water after consuming acidic foods or beverages.  
5. Pet Care – Bathe your pets in alkaline water to emulsify dirt, oils, and reduce odor. Follow with mild acidic water rinse.  
6. Personal Care – Use as a foot soak, as a compress on bruises or sprains, and to reduce inflammation from sunburn, insect bites, poison ivy, etc.