What is a Water Ionizer?


Purchasing a Water Ionizer could be the greatest investment you ever make for your health and wellbeing. A Water Ionizer is a remarkable device that alters the pH of water producing Alkaline Ionized water with antioxidant rich Molecular Hydrogen or H2.

Over 600 scientific and medical studies has shown that Molecular Hydrogen or H2 can provide  health benefits in over 160 health conditions and disease models, affecting virtually every organ in the human body. A Water Ionizer can produce antioxidant rich Molecular Hydrogen or H2 on demand.  Read more about the Molecular Hydrogen Revolution>>

A Water ionizer is a household appliance that can be connected to your kitchen tap or plumbed into your water supply, when water is passed into the Water Ionizer it is first filtered to remove common impurities while retaining the good minerals, then the water is passed into an electrolysis chamber containing a number of charged platinum/ titanium electrodes which pass an electric charge through the water, a process called electrolysis.


The water is physically split into acidic and alkaline water, these two types of water concentrate on different sides of a membrane. Electrically ionized Alkaline water has an abundance of antioxidant hydrogen molecules (H2 ), while acidic water has an abundance of positively charged hydrogen ions (H+). The beneficial alkaline water exits through the drinking water spout, and the acidic water exits through the acidic water hose.

The acidic water ionizer produced by a Water Ionizer also has a number of health and household benefits such as a household cleaner, for skin conditions and infections. Read more about the many used of Alkaline and Acidic Water >>