AlkaViva Elita CT-700 UltraWater Filter Cartridge

AlkaViva Elita CT-700 UltraWater Filter Cartridge


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A replacement filter cartridge designed for use in any of the following models:

  • AlkaViva Elita CT-700
  • AlkaViva Elita US-700

Utilising AlkaViva's USA-made UltraWater filtration technology, this cartridge has been tested to reduce the levels of 172 different contaminants with an effectiveness up to 99.9% for a vast majority of them.

As a result, it is able to reduce levels of many common contaminants including: chlorine, lead, mercury, VOC's, hormones and pesticides.

Independent Filter Test Results

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Filter Capacity:
2650 Litres (700 Gallons)
Filter Life:
6 - 12 Months
0.5 KG

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