AlkaViva H2 Series UltraWater Pre-Filter Cartridge

AlkaViva H2 Series UltraWater Pre-Filter Cartridge


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A replacement filter cartridge designed for use in any of the following models:

  • AlkaViva Delphi H2
  • AlkaViva Vesta H2
  • AlkaViva Athena H2
  • AlkaViva Melody II

Please note that this pre-filter is designed to connect on the right side compartment of any of the compatible models.

Utilising AlkaViva's UltraWater 13-stage dual filtration technology, this cartridge, in combination with the AlkaViva H2 Series UltraWater Main Filter Cartridge, has been tested to reduce the levels of 249 different contaminants with an effectiveness up to 99.9% for a vast majority of them.

As a result, it is able to reduce levels of many common contaminants including: chlorine, chloramine, lead, mercury, VOC's, hormones and pesticides.

Independent Filter Test Results

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Filter Capacity:
3780 Litres (1000 Gallons)
Filter Life:
6 - 12 Months
1.0 KG

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