Chanson Miracle MAX Royale Under Sink Water Ionizer in Chrome

Chanson Miracle MAX Royale Under Sink Water Ionizer in Chrome

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Chanson are one of the world’s leading and most respected water Ionizer manufacturers for over 35 years. The Chanson Miracle Max Royale is a beautifully designed 7-Plate undercounter Water Ionizer featuring a smartphone style interface that is extremely intuitive and easy to use.  The Miracle Max Royale is the undercounter version of the ever popular and top performing Miracle Max Plus Counter top Ionizer.  The Chanson Miracle MAX Royale is perfect for those with a premium kitchen and do not want the clutter of a countertop water ionizer. is the UK’s largest Water Ionizer Retailer and Official UK Retailer & Agent for Chanson Water Ionizers.

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Key Features

  • Sleek and beautifully designed stainless steel faucet head
  • Smartphone-like display panel that allows you to make all of your selections at the faucet with a gentle touch of the screen
  • 7 medical grade Titanium plates featuring Nano Fritting Technology
  • Can achieve a pH range of 3.0 to 11.0
  • Can achieve up to -500 ORP
  • 8 default pH settings – 4 Acidic levels, 3 Acidic levels and 1 Filtered/pH Neutral  setting
  • Voltage can be adjusted to meet your –ORP requirements
  • Smart Filter counter to remind you when to change your filter (based on the quality of your source water)
  • Auto-switching Power compatible - the Chanson Miracle MAX Royale will work all over the world for example in both 220V (UK & Europe) and 110V (USA).

Benefits of the Chanson Miracle MAX Royale Undercounter Water Ionizer

Ease of Use


Just touch the control screen and select the type of water you want. The stainless steel faucet has a beautiful Smartphone-like display, and allows you to get both alkaline and acidic streams of water right at the sink. This faucet is used in addition to your kitchen faucet.

pH Consistency

Chanson water ionizers adjust the electrolysis amperage automatically to keep alkaline levels consistent.

Remaining Filter Life Notification

The remaining water filter life will be auto-adjusted according to your water quality. The LCD screen displays the remaining filter life, reminding you to change your filter when necessary.

Self-Clean Function

The Chanson Royale will automatically set its cleaning cycles based on the mineral content of your water. Cleaning always occurs after you turn the machine off allows the machine to perform maintenance without ever interrupting your water usage. The Royale will automatically go into a flushing cycle each time you turn on your ionizer. This is a wonderful feature for an under sink ionizer because it allows any standing water in the line to be flushed out before you drink.

Auto-Adjust Function

Chanson Water Ionizers can be fine tuned for your source water quality! Water supply can vary greatly, because of the difference in source water, an ionizer at the same electrolysis settings will produce different pH levels, a filter in a different water quality condition will have different filter life, and the self-clean function in different water quality conditions will have different frequencies of self-cleaning cycles. The Chanson water ionizer can auto-adjust "the remaining water filter life" and "time of self-clean" according to your water quality. You will have your own personalized water ionizer settings!

Auto Shut-off Function

Chanson Royale has an auto shut off at 20 minutes to prevent flooding in case left on by accident. The machine can be turned right back on if needs be.

Salt Port

The Royale comes with it's own mineral salt port to enhance strength of acid water (great for those with soft water). Simply drop a piece of Himalayan rock salt into the port whenever you want to make strong acid water or get an extra lift of energy.

Flow Valve

You can easily control the flow of your water with the easy-to-use flow valve.

Chanson Miracle Max Royale PJ-6000 Filter


The PJ-6000 Filter included in the Chanson Miracle Max Royale is made from activated carbon and synthetic fibre and is excellent at removing heavy metals such as lead, fluoride and bacteria  and reduces chlorine considerably.  The PJ-6000 Filter has been re-formulated from 5 micron down to 1 micron, making it far superior over the original filter. The PJ-6000 Filter will last up to 9000 litres. Filter replacement should occur every 6 months if used without a pre-filtration system, or every 12 months with a pre-filtration system

Chanson Miracle Max Royale Product Specifications


  • Product Dimensions Unit: 247 / 140 / 305 (L / D / H / MM)
  • Touchscreen Display Dimensions: 65 / 20 / 95 (L / D / H / MM)
  • Faucet Dimensions: 255 / 170 / 235 (L / D / H / MM)
  • Drill Hole Required: 35mm
  • Filter Type: PJ-6000 (Silver)
  • Weight: 5.5kg
  • Plates: 7 Nano technology Platinum Coatin Titanium Plates
  • pH Range: 3.0 - 11.0
  • ORP Range: can achieve up to  -500 ORP
  • Water Pressure: 8-90 PSI
  • Input: 230v / 50 hz - 110v / 60 hz
  • Power: 5W - 150W
  • Filter Type: PJ6000 (Silver)
  • Filter Life - 9000 litres depending on your incoming water quality or 1 year whichever comes sooner. 
  • Warranty: 2 Years Domestic 


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