Jupiter Ultra-Delphi Under Sink Water Ionizer in Chrome

Jupiter Ultra-Delphi Under Sink Water Ionizer in Chrome

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First launched in 2007, and our bestselling under sink Ionizer over the past 10 years, the Delphi set the standard in style, performance, and durability, having been upgraded to the UltraDelphi in 2016. The new 2016 UltraDelphi is the latest Delphi model from Jupiter & Alkaviva. Completely redesigned, the UltraDelphi now offers a whopping 20% performance upgrade compared to the previous model along with a host of new design improvements to enhance longevity and durability. The UltraDelphi ionizer sits neatly under the sink, while you have full control over your water quality via a touch of the tap mounted controls along with voice confirmation of your selection each time you use the ionizer.

Designed from the start as an under sink unit, it has two components: a completely re-designed state of the art under sink ionizing unit and an elegantly designed sink top faucet. With the business end of the ionizer under the sink, your counter top remains clear, all you see is the beautifully designed tap. The only one on the market with a digital display telling you exactly what you are drinking, the UltraDelphi gives precise fingertip control of the most important aspects of your drinking water.

WaterIonizers.co.uk is the UK’s largest Water Ionizer Retailer and Official UK Retailer & Agent for Jupiter Alkaviva Water Ionizers.

Product Video – See how the UltraDelphi is installed

Ultra Delphi Installation into a Granite Counter from AlkaViva on Vimeo.

Key Features of the UltraDelphi Under sink Water Ionizer

The Cleanest Water- Each new and improved UltraDelphi now comes an UltraWater filter internally. UltraWater offers you the ultimate peace of mind reducing virtually all contaminants to 99.9% – even the toughest like pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, chemicals and VOCs. It is the only ionizer filter made in the USA and tested to such rigorous standards.  See the certified test results here.


Ease of Use- A light touch with one finger on the control pad at the top of the elegant faucet selects the type of water you want. The designer quality faucet has a beautiful LCD display that allows you to get both streams of water – alkaline and acidic – right at the sink. No Counter Clutter and never any waiting while your ionizer is automatically cleaned.

Guaranteed Durability- The patented DARC Cleaning System eliminates the scale buildup that deteriorates performance in other ionizer brands.

Top Performance- In 2006, we launched our Mesh Diode Electrodes and started the "mesh revolution". We have learned a few things since then, and now you get the benefit of our experience. The right power (not just the most) and the right electrode (not just the biggest) are critical. The new and improved UltraDelphi boasts a 20% to 30% stronger performance.

pH and -ORP Performance- The UltraDelphi not only produces consistently higher levels of H2 than other under-counter brands tested but will also (depending on source water) create up to an 10.8+ pH and -800 ORP.

The Greenest Footprint- With the new updated power ratio, the UltraDelphi offers greater efficiency as it uses less electricity than other brands.

Change Filter Reminder- An LCD display will flash on the control panel so that you know when to change your filter.

Adjustable Voice Confirmation- Tells you what type of water you have selected each time you use the ionizer.

Dependability- The end result of over 30 years in ionization research by the world leader.

The Best Design- The quality finish on the UltraDelphi tower will enhance the look of any kitchen. Designed from the start as an undersink unit, the UltraDelphi has both a state of the art undersink ionizing unit and an elegantly designed sink-side faucet.

2 Year Warranty- You will want your ionizer company to be around to take care of your needs for many years after you make the purchase. With a Jupiter ionizer you buy with absolute certainty that the company you have invested in will be around to support you, WaterIonizers.co.uk offers a full 2 year warranty on the UltraDelphi serviced in our dedicated UK service centre.



The UltraDelphi is designed solely for under sink mounting, and comes with all the attachments required for a quick and simple installation. No prior plumbing skills are required to have your UltraDelphi in and ready to go and it is within the reach of most confident DIYers but should you decide to use a plumber or handy man it will not incur a long labour charge.

Convenient User Friendly Features


  • Voice Confirmation - This feature audibly tells you what type of water you have selected each time you use the ionizer. This feature is fully adjustable allowing you to turn the volume up, down, or completely off.
  • Alkaline and Acidic level indicators - The Emco tech Ultra-Delphi has an LCD indicator which will numerically display the level of ionization you have selected. It also has LCD icons that display the most typical use for a given setting.
  • Filter Life Indicator - The Ultra-Delphi offers you a way to track the filter life - right on the faucet. It counts actual filter use - it is not a timer like on less expensive models.

Protective Features

  • Temperature Shut Down - The Ultra-Delphi employs a thermal switch in the water cell to shut down the ionization process if the temperature in the cell gets too hot. This small but valuable feature gives you peace of mind.
  • Electrical Protection - The Ultra-Delphi has a glass tube fuse that will protect the expensive circuitry in case of power fluctuations or surge.

Product Specifications

  • Voltage - 220V - 240V
  • Weight -19 lbs
  • Inflow Pressure - 20psi – 99psi
  • Electrolysis Device - Continuous Electrolysis
  • 9 Setting levels - Alkaline Water (4 Levels), Purified Water, Acidic Water (4 Levels)
  • Output Rate - 2-3 Litres Per Minute
  • Cleaning Device - DARC Automatic
  • Electrode Materials – 5 SmartDesign Platinum / Titanium Mesh Plates
  • Filter Type:   UltraWater
  • Filter Life:  4,000  Litres / 12 months whichever comes first

Tap Dimensions

  • Width - 50mm
  • Tap Height - 225mm
  • Countertop hole - 38mm
  • Distance tap body to water outlet - 135mm
  • Spout Length (to end) - 153mm
  • Distance tap body to water outlet  - 100mm
  • Spout Length to end - 115mm
  • Depth required underneath countertop - 140mm

Undersink Unit

  • Height - 360mm
  • Width - 270mm
  • Depth - 140mm ( including +25mm for alkaline tube attachment)





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