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  • Jupiter Alkaviva 0.1 Micron Biostone Replacement Filter

Jupiter Alkaviva 0.1 Micron Biostone Replacement Filter

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Product Description

The Jupiter Alkaviva 0.1 Micron Biostone Filter – is the most popular filter used in Jupiter Science water ionizers, and comes as the default filter when you purchase Jupiter Water Ionizer . This filter will fit all recent Jupiter models including:

  • Jupiter Delphi model number: IO400U
  • Jupiter Athena model number: JS205  (Filter Compartment 2, for Filter Compartment 1 you need the Athena Sediment Filter)
  • Jupiter Melody model number: JP104
  • Jupiter Venus model number: JP107
  • Jupiter Orion model number: JP109
  • Jupiter Neptune /Microlite Mavello model number: JP101

If you have the Jupiter Vesta model number GL998 please order either the 0.1 Micron Vesta Filter or the Vesta Ultrawater Filter and this filter is not compatible with the Vesta GL water ionizer

This filter will NOT fit older Jupiter models including the following (if you have any of the units listed below you will need the Jupiter Biostone M.T. Filter):

  • Jupiter Technos model number: JM901
  • Jupiter Ultra Technos model number: JT801
  • Jupiter Masterpeice model number: JA701
  • Jupiter Aqua Tonic
  • Jupiter Regency 2

Why Is the Biostone a world leading filtration media?

The Biostone has nine separate stages of filtration. To give you an idea of how fine these filters are - there is over 25,000 microns in one inch meaning there 250,000 0.1 microns in one inch. That's pretty fine to say the least!

The primary filtering media is Granulated Activated Carbon, which is highly effective at removing contaminants from water in a tightly packed structure. The Biostone Filter also includes four fibre layers which provide extra filtration in between different layers of carbon filtration.

How do I know when my filter needs to be replaced?

Jupiter / Emco Tech ionizers have a digital readout that shows how long before you need to change your filter. A filter typically lasts a family of four between 8 to 9 months and gives a good 4000+ litres of water. We recommend changing the filter at least once every 12 months to ensure quality performance.

Contaminants Removed

Contaminant Standard mg/litre Result mg/litre
Potassium Permanganate  10.0  2.70
Lead  0.05  ND
Flouride  1.50  ND
Arsenic  0.05  ND
Cyanide  0.01  ND
Mercury  0.001  ND
Selenium  0.01  ND
Chromium (6+)  0.05  ND
Cadmium  0.01  ND
Phenol  0.005  ND
Diazinon  0.02  ND
Malathion  0.25  ND
Parathion  0.06  ND
Fenitrothion  0.04  ND
1,1,1 Trichloroethane  0.10  ND
Tetrachloroetheylene  0.03  ND
Dichloromethane  0.02  ND
Benzene  0.01  ND
Xylene  0.50  ND
1,1 Dichloroetheylene               0.03  ND
Carbon Tetrachloride  0.002  ND
Metheylene Chrloride  25.0ppm  5ppm
Nitrate  10.0  1.82
Iron  0.30 ND 
Manganese  0.05 ND 
Sodium  20.0  8.00

* Recently the Biostone filter was updated with some changes to it's filtration method. As a result some of the filtration layers have been removed in place of more carbon layers. This decision was made as the past design proved to be no more effective than the updated version, yet it gave the resulting water a slightly worse taste.

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